Hex Is The Only Crypto Specifically Designed To Increase In Value

Much has been learned over the past 10 years in the crypto space since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009. HEX  combines the best-of-breed characteristics of the top cryptos, an industry-first trustless interest system, economic game theory and adoption incentives to create a coin specifically designed to hold and increase in value!  What the others cryptos did by accident, HEX has perfected. Signup For HEX News Here

The market has seen a fracturing (forking) of Bitcoin into camps that think it should be a store of value like digital gold (BTC) vs. those which prefer it to be a global currency used to transact (BCH).  Outside of Bitcoin, there has also been an explosion of “Alt Coins” many of which pumped in value despite flaws in their technology, bad actors that backed them, no discernible use-cases for their purpose and obvious risks to the investor.

Richard Heart, a serial entrepreneur, Bitcoin OG and the creator of HEX, took a market based approach to designing it after he avoided investing in and profiting from “Alt Coins” due to their many flaws relative to Bitcoin.  Having been “technology right and price wrong” when he advocated Bitcoin Maximalism, he learned a valuable lesson that the market desires profitability over utility, security and censorship resistance.

After licking his wounds, and shedding a few tears publicly, he went to work creating a coin that is superior to all others.  It combines all the best features of the top censorship resistant, trustless peer to peer cryptos (BTC & ETH) with state-of-the-art economic game theory and a masterful dose of Alt-Coin “pumpamentals” to reward early investors with bonuses and incentivizes holders to keep the trading supply down and the price up.

HEX is designed to rocket to a top 3 crypto and has the potential to take the #1 spot from Bitcoin.

The best part is that you can get HEX for free when it launches by simply owning Bitcoin and having the private key in your possession.  Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to get your FREE HEX when it launches in about 4 weeks.  Follow this link to add your email to the notification list and keep up to date with the latest HEX news HEX Website

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